In-browser (preferably Chrome) Allure of the Stars

You may want to read PLAYING or download a faster binary. If the game window is too large for your screen, zoom out (Control-minus).

Please wait. Loading the game Javascript code may take
a dozen seconds or two with no apparent progress.
Be patient. Do not click without proper deliberation.

from README:
The game runs rather slowly in the browser (fastest on Chrome)
and you are limited to only one font, though it's scalable.
Keyboard input and saving game progress requires recent enough
version of a browser (but mouse input is enough to play the game).
Also, savefiles are prone to corruption on the browser,
e.g., when it's closed while the game is still saving progress
(which takes a long time). Hence, after trying out the game,
you may prefer to use a native binary for your architecture, if it exists.